Monday, October 02, 2006

You have to start somewhere

A new month and a commitment to write something every day. But will a blog amount to anything more than a diary online? We will see.

My current obsessions include ways of promoting University College Falmouth as a place that can live up to its sometime in August billing in the Independent as one of the 'Top 10 Coolest Places To Study At University in the UK'. You have to work hard for national newspaper column inches when you're out on a limb. And Falmouth is most definitely out there. The place is a wonderful location - Cornwall's crammed with artistic creative types and there's a sense of optimism brought about by like-minded people. Oh, and it also helps to be (potentially) knee-deep in EU Objective One funding.

We're working on plans to build a new Centre for Creative Excellence (inspiring name comes later) in the hills overlooking Falmouth Bay. The building will bring together journalists, writers, broadcasters, designers, performing artists, copywriters et al. It's all at an early stage, but the plans and vision are part of the reason I gave up a senior academic management position at Bournemouth Media School last year to live in Cornwall. My new role as Director of Media at University College Falmouth is offering up all sorts of exciting opportunities 'to make a difference'. Always have had that one on my mind wherever I've worked or whatever I've been doing. Reaching your mid 40s you realise that you do need to exert some level of control over your personal circumstances to create the right environment for change to happen and be sustainable.

Hope this blog becomes (over time) a log of the change we helped make happen in Cornwall and a testimony to how it was achieved through partnership, shared goals, mutual respect and a well told story. We'll see.